After having tried learning a 3d program for a good few hours, i changed to good old programming. My main objective was to create lampshades for our rooms but i already have more ideas, now that the framework is done.
All pages have some real time controls so you can design your own, and with the stl export, print them :-)
And if you edit the shapes, you can save the generated parmalink to share or save.

Twisted lamp

Twist is achieved with the bottom (twist) control. Results are best for quite low segment values, so the triangles show better.

Curved lamp

The extra radii (25,50,75) pull the shape into that direction. Only the 0 and 100, ie top and bottom, are exact. Lots of fun to be had here.

Pair shape

With the 5 control points can pull the shape out and back in. And by using the Segments get some very nice looks. Especially suited with bulb inside, printed white, for neutral light. This one is for large printers, but you can always scale.

1001 Nights

A shape Raisa enjoyed so much she named it. Printed in a light color, eg orange, gives nice ambient light. Mix with white or Pairs.Very popular in Hub Feenix.

Numbers (and text)

I did some basic number generator for our rooms (keys and such). One can change the text but not the font.

A wavy cover

Covering up old holes in a nice way. Had to add a suprising amount of parameters to get the shape looking the way i wanted
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